The InkWell Tattoo!


“I suppose it’s time to let this cat out of the bag…
Yesterday i put in my two weeks notice here at Street Road “No Scratch” Tattoo, our piercer Body Piercings by Miss Rebecca & I will now be working at The Inkwell Tattoo southampton .
I’d like to thank everyone who’s been along for this journey with me, it’s been a wild ride & i’m looking forward to this next major step in my career.
My crew Fred Lancello & Booer Radley have given me an amazing year & a half, & i’m really forunate to have grown so much as an artist with them.
To my rockin clients, i dont know whatd i’d do with out you.

The Inkwell is located at ::
851 Street Rd.
Southampton Pa 18966

& my schedule is going to be Tues-Sat 1pm-9pm

be sure to keep an eye out for updates on &

Lets rock this bitch♥”

eternally yours,
Alexandra Fische