Watercolor Series/Release & Confirmed Los Angeles Tour Dates


“Boy Brushed Red” -Alexandra Fische


ballpoint pen & watercolor on bristol board

11×14 inches

featuring tattoo artist : Travis Brown  (http://travisbrowntattoos.com)


Confirmed Los Angeles tour dates are tenatively April 17th-April 21st.

Art Autopsy event with Clint Carneywill be at the Hyena Gallery on April 17th from 7pm-10pm & streaming live online for all of my east coast friends back home to enjoy.

Now booking tattoo appointments via my facebook, with very limited time left (almost booked solid, sorry guys!)

Can’t wait to share some more watercolors with you all soon.

Stay classy!


-Alexandra Fische

New Painting Release & Los Angeles Tour Dates!


Alexandra Fische is pleased to share with you, the completion of the second painting of four in her new series/current in the works the “Idealized Male:: The Four Horsemen Project”

Famine:: Unholy BatrimonyAlexandra Fische
acrylic & onyx on stretch canvas
Muse: Ben Graves



Styx Tattoo / Pain Ink NYC will be regretfully declining this months Chicago Tattto Convention, sorry for the last minute cancelation, we look forward to seeing you all next year!

Upcoming Los Angeles tour dates are currently planned for the 3rd week in April,

Alexandra Fische will be available for tattoo appointments (black & grey work / monochrome only this trip), photoshoots, & will be participating in Clint Carney’s Art Autopsy gallery event on April 17th, where she will be displaying the current works, selling prints/paints, & painting the LIVE.

The live piece in the works is hoped to be the fourth & final painting of the new series (permitting the thrid piece is completed in between March tattoo appointments).

More information on the new series aswell as specific Los Angeles dates & art show details coming soon!